Each year, Leadership Pikes Peak hosts an inspiring event to celebrate and honor our alumni and community leaders who share the desire to improve themselves, our community and the people around.  This year, Leadership Pikes Peak will host a luncheon to talk about leadership and recognize our alumni who are truly making an impact in our region.  

At the Community Leadership luncheon, you’ll meet these leaders and learn more about their impact. But you will also join a room of incredible leaders throughout Colorado.

Our Awards-

                                                                                  2018 Leadership Pikes Peak Awards

                                                                                                          Emerging Leader Award

A Leadership Pikes Peak alumni, under the age of 35, that is positively impacting their community through their professional and volunteer efforts.  
                                                                   Community Inspiration Leadership Award (Volunteer Leadership) 

A Leadership Pikes Peak alumni that consistently makes every effort to go above and beyond as a community volunteer for the Pikes Peak Region. This nominee motivates and encourages the people around them to be an engaging member of the community. 

                                                             Modeling the Way Community Leadership Award (Professional Leadership) 

A Leadership Pikes Peak alumni whose leadership in their professional career has motivated their colleagues, friends, family, and/or community members to get involved.  This person is a team-builder and a community collaborator. 

                                                                                         Makepeace Community Trustee Award

An individual whose consistent community leadership has created a long-lasting legacy which spans beyond the Pike Peak Region. This award, our highest accolade, is named after our former Executive Director, and Mayor, Mary Lou Makepeace.