Early Childhood Education Leadership (ECEL) Program--Now accepting applications for the 2016-17 Class!


Leadership Pikes Peak partners with various organizations in our community to provide customized community leadership programs.  We provide our community knowledge, programming expertise, and network of local leaders to create comprehensive experiences tailored to specific groups’ needs and interests.  

Early Childhood Education Leadership Program The Early Childhood Educators Leadership Initiative (ECEL) is a program presented in partnership by the Alliance for Kids, the Early Childhood Council of El Paso County and Leadership Pikes Peak.  This program will educate and empower women and men in the early childhood profession to develop deeper leadership skills and an awareness of their potential to make a difference, positively impacting children & families in the Pikes Peak region. 

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To apply, click here. Applications are due August 31st.

Teach For America 

For over 30 years, Leadership Pikes Peak (LPP) has been committed to developing and retaining citizen leaders in the Colorado Springs community. Through our passion, purpose, and focus, we strive to be the hub for community engagement. In particular, we run a leadership program that exists to engage, support, and mobilize young professionals as meaningful members of the Colorado Springs community. Since 2009, we have informally partnered with another local non-profit organization, Teach for America (TFA), which has the same goals around the civic engagement and leadership of their young professionals. 

TFA - Colorado believes and strives to achieve "One Day" in Colorado, when all children, including the 210,000 living in poverty, will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education. In the short-term, Teach For America partners with school districts and charter management organizations to recruit, train, support, and retain highly-qualified teachers. In the long-term, Teach For America increases the pipeline of leaders committed to expanding educational opportunity for children facing the challenges of poverty, entering as teachers and eventually serving at all levels of the education system in Colorado both inside and outside the classroom.

In partnership with TFA, we will be launching our very first Colorado Springs Aspiring Leaders Fellowship for twelve local teachers in their 20s and early 30s as a part of a strategic retention effort. Since 2009, TFA has brought nearly 200 young professionals to the Colorado Springs community. In addition, of the 1200 TFA alums in Colorado, approximately 80 reside in Colorado Springs. Of those 80 individuals, we have found that 31% were not a part of the original 200, but instead relocated back to Colorado Springs due to family ties or opportunities within education. However, of the original 200, only 34% remain here in Colorado Springs. Of these 34%, nearly 60% are working in Harrison School District 2, serving the students and families of the south east quadrant of Colorado Springs. Through focus groups and surveys, we have learned that two major themes driving these young professionals to stay or leave the Colorado Springs community are based in professional development and leadership opportunities beyond their first two years in the classroom and community connection. As a result, we are excited to partner with TFA to launch the pilot year of our fellowship.

For more information contact Sloan at Sloan@leadershippikespeak.org.