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Morning Welcome: 8:30am - 9:30am

Breakout Session I: 9:45am - 10:45am


"Becoming the Superhuman You" with Steve Schaefer, Encompass Health

We all have superhuman powers - but life, work, kids, and sometimes even fear makes us put away the cape, hide the mask, and steer clear of the phone booth. That big dream, or a bucket list item, gets tucked away because we decide the dream or bucket list is too lofty or to great of a challenge. By doing so, the world never gets to see the superhuman in each of us. Even worse, we deprive ourselves of all of the emotions, the journey of self-discovery, and the incredible life lessons that come from accepting the challenge.

Steve Schaefer got to live his dream and be a superhuman for 16 hours and 24 minutes! In 2016, he completed his first Ironman, two days after his 50th birthday. His hope is to share with you life lessons and the journey of personal discovery as he takes you to the finish line. Many of these life lessons apply to situations in our everyday life. Hear the greatest lesson of all as he finally grasped the meaning of the tagline, “It’s a line you have to cross to understand!” Come swim, bike, and run with Steve as he shares the highs and lows of the journey to being superhuman. You might laugh, and maybe shed a tear, as this self-proclaimed “terrible athlete” makes his way around the course. Just maybe, his story will inspire you to dust off that cape, don the mask, and show yourself, and the world, your superhuman powers!

Steve Schaefer has 25 years of leadership experience in the Colorado Springs health care market and currently serves as CEO of Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital. Steve has served in that role since December of 2008. Over the past ten years, the Hospital has undergone a cultural transformation that includes yearly growth in patient volume, decreased employee turnover, expanded service offering, and a national distinction with the Joint Commission for Stroke care. Steve also serves as a Regional CEO mentor for new CEO’s within the Encompass Health system and as a national host hospital for the Developing Future CEO’s program. When needed, he steps in as Acting CEO for Hospitals within the Region that need leadership expertise. In 2018, he served as the CEO for the Albuquerque Encompass Health Hospital. His current interests for health care in our community centers around developing innovative post-acute models that connect facility based and home based services. Steve continues to be interested in eliminating the “silo” approach to care in our community in favor of an outcome based transparent approach.

Steve has served the community on the Board of Trustees/President for Leadership Pikes Peak, Chairman of the American Heart & Stroke Association Board for Southern Colorado, Chair of the 2013 Heart & Stroke Walk, and Task Force Member for Memorial Health System’s ownership/governance changes.


"What's More Powerful Than Living to 100: How Investing in Body, Mind, and Spirit is Key to Leadership Longevity" with Chauncey Carroll, Penrose St. Francis Health Services

What would you dare to accomplish if you knew you had 100 disease-free, adventure-full years to live? "Blue Zones" are areas in the world where there are high concentrations of centenarians- people living to 100 years old or more. They live free of chronic disease, maintain independence well into "old age," and report extremely high levels of life satisfaction. What are they doing that we aren't? Is it really possible for the average American to live to 100?

Great leadership of others first starts with leadership of self. When you invest in yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, you possess a greater capacity to share your energy, gifts, and ideas to your team and clients. The world needs your best and truest self.

Chauncey Carroll is an experienced leader and wellness professional on a mission to forge thriving cultures that uplift communities to their greatest potential. She has innovated evidence-based wellness programs for Penrose St. Francis Health Services for over five years to support the healthy choice as the easy choice for employees, patients, and community members. She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Sports Nutritionist, Group Fitness Instructor, and Registered Yoga Teacher, and is currently pursuing a Master of Public Health in Leadership. Chauncey didn’t always live an active lifestyle. In college, she began to apply her Health & Exercise Science coursework to her own life, losing 33 pounds over two years- and has kept it off since! Her love of competitive rock climbing skyrocketed, and she competed on the USA Climbing Team in seven world cups across the globe. As a Colorado native, she loves to bike and hike with her dog, and she’s always persuading her husband to try her newest “healthier” dessert experiment.

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"Mindfulness: The Sixth Sense Superpower! : Laugh at Yourself, Be Impressed with Others" with Andrew Dwyer, More Dwyer- SOLD OUT!

We all rev too hot, introverts and extroverts alike. Yet we rarely notice. Even shy, reserved people-watchers…our minds are always racing. In a culture that celebrates high-octane, type-A workhorses, why should we pump the brakes? Because slowing down unlocks our superpower – mindfulness! If it helps, go ahead and envision Neo in The Matrix. But instead of dodging bullets, we’re recognizing our own feelings and emotions before they carry us down a path we never intended. This sixth sense superpower will clarify our thoughts, sharpen our skills, and attune us to those around us – employees, customers, bosses, family, and friends.

Skeptical? You know how we get frustrated when people don’t understand us? This mindfulness superpower helps us communicate more clearly while also providing more patience and empathy. It heightens satisfaction and suppresses frustration. How? Because we learn to slow down, engage more deeply, not take ourselves too seriously and focus on others more intently. And if you’re now envisioning a Neo/Yoda super combo…well, you wouldn’t be wrong!

As a magazine publisher and radio host, Andrew is a career-long communicator. As a funny-shy guy and serial ponderer, Andrew has long been aware of his own insecurities…and the foibles of others. This skill became especially useful when his mid-life malaise (it fell short of a crisis) pushed him from shy…to “Hi !!!” He gradually learned that the communication he most sought was public speaking. How’s that for a 180? Now, Andrew shares his unique brand of self-deprecating humor to help people acknowledge and embrace their own quirks. This process forms a firm – and funny – foundation for self-awareness and growth. Whether he’s presenting on mindset and mindfulness, crafting better meetings, or how to get the most out of a convention, Andrew loves helping people become more honest and effective.

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"Your Origin Story : Why Do You Want to be a Leader?" with Jacen Spector, eviCore Healthcare and Hawthorn Union- SOLD OUT!

In this session, we’ll explore what the traits of good leadership is compared to being the “boss.” Can we find what is the secret behind our own personal superhero leaders that have helped us get to where we are today? Before you can empower other people, start with empowering yourself. Find out what true values define your leadership with a super-powered origin story. This is just the beginning!

Jacen Spector believes professional coaching can have a profound impact in the way we learn, the way we lead, and the way we live. He believes that the role of a leader can be one of the most inspiring and gratifying position a person can take on. Recently joining the Hawthorne Union team as professional coach and trainer, Jacen has completed his ICF training program and actively pursuing his ACC.

Located in the Pikes Peak region in Colorado, Jacen has over 10 years of operations and leadership experience at local marketing firms and larger corporations such as T-Mobile and eviCore Healthcare. He has transitioned his skillset in 2017 over to Organizational Development and is proud to partner with Leadership Pikes Peak for this conference.

Breakout Session II: 11:00am - 12:00pm


"Know Your Mission, Your People, and Your Long Term Plan" with Nikki Myers, Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning - SOLD OUT!

Participants will consider and draft a roadmap of ways to use their individual mission statements to say "no" to good ideas and "yes" to the best ideas, cultivate the strengths and hiring plans for their people, and plan short- and long-term steps towards reaching their vision.

Nikki Myers has a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Gifted Education. She is a member, and current Board Communications Director, of the Colorado Academy of Educators for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative (CAEGTC). She is also a representative from Congressional District 5 to the State Board of Education's Gifted Education State Advisory Committee.

In her full-time job, she is the founding Academy Director and principal for Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning (AcademyACL), which is a K-8 charter public school specializing in the needs of gifted children in the Pikes Peak Region. She has participated on the regional committee for Talent Identification in the Pikes Peak Region (TIPP). This committee’s work won a national award in November 2018 for the collaboration of multiple school districts to identify students with giftedness and talent in the performing arts, psychomotor, creativity, and leadership areas, and she has worked especially with the identification of Leadership Talent. Nikki has supported the fields of education and gifted education field with presentations and trainings for community members, college students, and educators, and she is a proud supporter of Leadership Pikes Peak. She has participated in the Experience the Springs program, hosted Signature Program tour groups, and participated as a member on many of the Education Day panels.


"Leadership Lessons from the Cockpit" with Jim Furfari, PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning

Flying at nine miles a minute at treetop level as part of a four-ship of fighters is exciting to say the least! It is also quite demanding as events are unfolding at superhuman speed. The flight has a mission to perform, threats along the way, and a good deal of uncertainty to resolve. The pilots must cope with a heavy task load, and with persistent input from aircraft instrumentation, radar, threat warning systems, and radios they can approach sensory overload. In all those regards the four-ship is similar to the workplace at many of our organizations. Along with a multitude of individual tasks, the flight lead has the additional responsibilities of the leadership role. He or she is ultimately accountable for effectively achieving mission results while ensuring the well-being of the team. The role is complicated by the limited ability of the leader to communicate with the flight. Furthermore, due to tactics, terrain, and task responsibilities, the other members are usually out of the leader’s sight presenting the definitive virtual team challenge at 500 knots.

Join us to discover the three superhuman powers essential to leadership excellence both in the cockpit and in the workplace. We will explore some techniques employed by the fighter community to hone flight leaders, and examine how you can apply them to your own circumstances. Along the way we’ll share a few flying stories illustrating these super powers (or lack thereof) in action.

Jim Furfari is an Air Force pilot who flew F-106 and F-15 fighters among other high performance aircraft during his 20 year career. Upon retiring from the Air Force, he joined MCI Telecommunications, initially as a project manager and later a release manager coordinating the company’s largest software releases. Following MCI, he was hired by Colorado Springs Utilities to establish and lead the Enterprise Project Office. Jim has combined his flying experiences and project management knowledge to become a recognized speaker in the project management community. Jim has always been active in the non-profit community. He has been a docent at Glen Eyrie Castle for 25 years, and is currently on the Board of Directors and a classroom instructor for the PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning. Jim was previously president of the Pikes Peak Therapeutic Riding Center (now StableStrides). He is a 2006 graduate of Leadership Pikes Peak’s signature program. Jim holds a BSEE from the United States Air Force Academy and holds a Project Management Professional certification.


"Burden or Blessing" with Fire Chief, Ted Collas, Colorado Springs Fire Department- SOLD OUT!

Everyone has experiences that shape their lives in various ways. Some of life’s experiences result in profound changes, while others net only minor course changes. This presentation is the story of a true life event that greatly altered the presenter’s professional journey. Firefighters are public safety professionals, who have hundreds of hours of training under their belts. These first responders also have a wide variety of tools and equipment necessary to save lives and preserve property. So what happens when these highly skilled individuals are call upon to do the mundane? How they respond outwardly is often different than what is going on in their minds. This presentation will give those in attendance a glimpse behind the curtain; not only at the thoughts of a firefighter, but also how a simple call changed his view of life and the service he provides his community. Ted Collas, Fire Chief of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, shares this story wherever he can, to help encourage others to consider the true value of service and the calling on their lives.

Fire Chief Ted Collas is a 34 year veteran of the Colorado Springs Fire Department. He was hired on February 25, 1985; during his career Chief Collas has served the department as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Company Officer, Battalion Chief, and Deputy Fire Chief. In addition to his work in the Operations Division, Chief Collas has held positions in the department’s Medical Division and Training Division. From 2013 to 2016 he has been the Deputy Chief of Support Services, providing oversight to Facilities, Fleet Services, Human Resources, Medical, and Training Divisions, Public Information, and Community and Public Health. Chief Collas holds an Associate of Science in Fire Science, a Bachelor of Science in Management, and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. Chief Collas contributes to the advancement of the American Fire Service and is a frequent presenter at state, regional, and national conferences. Chief Collas receives his greatest joy from spending time with his family, and serving others through his church and other para-church organizations. He is a past President of the Board of Trustees for Casas por Cristo; an organization that builds homes for impoverished families in Mexico, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic.

Serving the people of Colorado Springs continues to be a highlight of Chief Collas’ life. He is exceedingly proud of the work performed by the men and women of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, and he is humbled to serve as the Chief of such an outstanding organization.


"Cybersecurity and the (Superhuman) You!" with Eric Bailey, CT Cubed Inc

What are the real vulnerabilities, threats and risks to your networks, systems and data? Are you tired of the latest buzzwords being thrown around and are unsure what, if anything, you should do about them? Avoid buzzword bingo and attend this session to learn about what you can do to mitigate your risk with simple, proven and sound cybersecurity practices. The session will quickly cover current data privacy policies, provide a common lexicon and real-world examples of phishing emails, wire fraud and known malware. In addition, the session will provide simple fix actions anyone – regardless of experience with the technology – can put in place to reduce their risk. Attendees will learn that the sky isn’t really falling but they must remain vigilant to be secure and do indeed have the skills to do so.

Eric Bailey is co-founder and Chief Security Officer of CT Cubed Inc, a cybersecurity consulting company. CT Cubed is focused on cyber tactics, training and technology for small and large business alike as well as state and federal government entities.

Eric retired from the Air Force in 2017 after 20 years of service, culminating as a Cyber Warfare Operations Officer. His experience was focused on conducting both defensive cyber operations and providing combat effects in support of our nation’s objectives. He was initial cadre and instructor of the Cyber Warfare Operations Weapons Instructor Course at the United States Air Force Weapons School. Post-retirement Eric has been focused on providing the same level of expertise in developing unique defensive capabilities to commercial and government entities alike. CT Cubed is passionate about improving network security for all people in a meaningful way. In addition to being an owner at CT Cubed, Eric is also the Vice President of the Pikes Peak Chapter of the International Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), holds a Master’s Degree in Information Security and multiple commercial professional cyber certifications.

Lunch and Keynote: 12:00pm - 1:30pm


"Superhuman Leadership Strategies" with Iron Tamer, David Whitley

We are thrilled to announce Iron Tamer, Dave Whitley as our 2019 Community Leadership Conference keynote speaker. Iron Tamer Dave Whitley is a motivational speaker and strongman based in Nashville TN. As a kid, Dave was overweight and had a terrible stutter. Retreating into a world of fantasy and comic books, he dreamed of becoming SuperHuman. Now, as a motivational speaker, he uses SuperHuman feats of strength to share his message with his audience. Dave has performed and spoken all over the US, as well as internationally in Italy, Ireland, England, Czech Republic, Australia, Japan and Korea. Dave combines incredible feats of strength and a powerful message, creating a presentation unlike ANYTHING you have ever seen before. The feats he performs are used as an illustration of the mindset needed to accomplish the impossible. His purpose is to inspire the audience to leave their limitations behind and become the SUPERHUMAN version of themselves. Dave is the author of the book Superhuman YOU and the Vice President of Dennis Rogers’ Oldetime Strongman University.

Breakout Session III: 2:00pm - 3:00pm

Maile Foster 4.jpg

"Smile Big and Move Fast" with Maile Foster, McAlpin Foster Advisors

This interactive session provides creative tools for the “Superhuman You!” to overcome all manner of obstacle, both internal and external, on the road to achieving your goals. It starts with the simple advice given by a brave woman, who survived the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II, Smile Big and Move Fast. The statement implies combining both a positive outlook and a plan of action. Attendees will explore examples of obstacles faced by leaders throughout history and those they face in their own current experience; learn how identifying 3 things about every obstacle, coupled with the right attitude and action plan, can lead to success beyond your dreams; and leave motivated to bravely take the next steps in being an effective leader and achiever.

The leadership skills developed during an almost 20-year career at IBM, along with the perspective gained from being a teen-aged, single mother struggling to support herself, have served Maile well in her community service and business leadership roles. She had general management responsibility for a $35 million business unit when she chose to leave IBM and start a management consulting business. Her practice now includes personal wealth management, where she manages over $30 million in client assets, and comprehensive financial planning for individuals, businesses and non-profits. Her service to the Colorado Springs community includes serving as president of the Rotary Club of Colorado Springs, Reach Pikes Peak board member, El Paso County CSBG Advisory Board member, loaned executive for Pikes Peak United Way, and Fund Allocation team lead for Pikes Peak United Way. In 2018, Maile ran as an Independent to represent House District 18 in the Colorado State Legislature.


"Inspiration Speaks! : The S.M.A.R.T. Approach to Leadership Development and Effective Communication" with Christopher Peck, Speak Into Action Communications- SOLD OUT!

Inspiring ideas need inspiring leaders, and inspiring leaders are committed to consistently presenting the best version of themselves. Whether it’s one person at a time, or on a stage in front of hundreds, business leaders must stimulate audiences, clients, colleagues, employees, and employers by confidently communicating crucial business messaging. Strategic Communication Coach and Professional Theatre Director, Christopher Peck, shares his S.M.A.R.T. approach to effective communication and provides leaders with key skills to deliver their ideas boldly and passionately, and quickly gain the respect of clients and coworkers. Christopher’s presentation covers best verbal and non-verbal communication practices including body language, active listening, goal setting, and more. Be the leader you want to follow; learn to present the best version of yourself!

Christopher Peck is a Strategic Communication Coach, Motivational Speaker, Professional Stage Director and Performer. Businesses hire him to inspire, train, and develop teams of confident, strategic, communicators. Christopher knows your business ideas, products, and services are too important to allow self-doubt, unclear messaging, and insufficient presentation skills stand in the way of expressing those ideas boldly. Christopher’s S.M.A.R.T. approach to Strategic Communication has influenced sales teams, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, teachers, performers, business coaches, and other professionals to speak confidently, passionately, and ignite audience enthusiasm. Christopher is a published writer and awarded theatre director and educator—including an American College Theatre Festival Meritorious Achievement Award for Excellence in Directing, and a nomination for the Baylor University Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award. Christopher holds an MFA in Theatre Direction from Baylor University, a BFA in Theatre from Abilene Christian University, and is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society.


"Embracing Conflict: Tools for Engaging in Difficult and Productive Conversations to Enhance a Positive Institutional Culture" With Erik Wallace, MD, FACP, University of Colorado School of Medicine- SOLD OUT!

This session will help leaders create a positive environment that allows colleagues to work toward delivering high-quality services. This will start with an overview of emotional intelligence followed by a conflict self-assessment using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument. The session will conclude with an exercise to reflect upon a current conflict situation and structuring and practicing a difficult conversation to help resolve the conflict.

Dr. Wallace graduated from Washington University School of Medicine where he served as President of the Class of 2000. He then completed his residency training in Primary Care Internal Medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2003. Following residency, he joined the Internal Medicine Faculty from 2003-2014 at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa where he served as Vice-Chair for Education for the Department of Internal Medicine, Internal Medicine Clerkship Director, and as the Associate Program Director for the Internal Medicine Residency Program. In 2014, he joined the University of Colorado School of Medicine as the Associate Dean for Colorado Springs Branch. He graduated from the Professionalism in Contemporary Practice course at the Stanford Faculty Development Center in 2005. He previously served as Chair of the National Council of Young Physicians in 2009 and as an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents for the American College of Physicians. In 2011, he received the Walter J. McDonald Award for Young Physicians from the American College of Physicians which recognizes outstanding achievement by a physician member who is within 16 years of graduating medical school. In 2015, he received the John A. Benson Jr., MD Professionalism Article Prize from the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation for his 2014 JAMA article on “Hospital Relationships with Direct-to-Consumer Screening Companies.”


Boundaries Spanning Leadership Panel Discussion -

Moderator: CJ Moore Panelists: Chris Bender, Care & Share Foodbank Stacey Burns, BBB & CO Institute for Social Impact Sheriff Bill Elder, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Laurel Prud’homme, Downtown Partnership Mayor John Suthers, City of Colorado Springs

Nearly 86% of executives in a recent survey stated that is "extremely important" for them to collaborate effectively across boundaries. Yet just 7% believe they were "very effective" at doing so. Join this panel discussion to find out how leaders can learn to collaborate, bridge divides and transform wide-ranging talents and knowledge to deliver value.

Alumni Hour 3-4 p.m.

Reconnect with your class and connect with our alumni in the hotel bar following your final session. All LPP Alumni Association Members receive a free drink.

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