Leading Edge: High School Students 

Applications and Nominations for the Summer 2020 Program are due by April 1st, 2020.


Leading Edge is our comprehensive community leadership program developed specifically for high school teens (current sophomores and juniors). We at LPP believe that civic engagement and leadership are skills that should be developed early in life through self-discovery and hands-on experiences. Leading Edge students gain an understanding of themselves, their communities, and their city through networking interactions with community leaders, exploration of local agencies and organizations, and leadership skill development curriculum. Students will graduate the program as engaged and involved citizens who are working to make a difference in our community.



Leadership of the Self

One of the first steps to leadership development is to understand ourselves – who we are, what we can do, and how we are perceived by others. For leadership to be actualized, we must understand our position in the Pikes Peak community by exploring our individual strengths, personality types, abilities, passions, and potential for personal growth.

Leadership of our Communities

A critical component of leadership development is learning how to apply our abilities to our own personal communities. A personal community is an intimate network of people with whom we align ourselves, and the places, issues, and organizations we rally around in our city.

Leadership of our City

Developing community trustees requires us to know where and how we can make a difference in the greater Pikes Peak community. LPP introduces participants to community leaders and informs them of local challenges. Program graduates will increase their confidence, skills, and abilities to strengthen the city, thus becoming a community trustee.


A typical Leading Edge summer consists of a total of 11 session days, focusing on leadership of the self, community, and city. Each session will have a focus on a key civic engagement topic within our community and will explore these topics on a deep experiential level. The program kicks off with a three-day intensive to begin developing team building, self-understanding, communication skills, and the start of our communtiy exploration. The following week consists of another three-day intensive diving deeper into the Colorado Springs community. Sessions will then continue Wednesdays on a weekly basis through the end of the summer, concluding with a Project Presentation and Graduation Day.

In addition to class sessions, students will work in groups on community service projects throughout the summer. These projects are proposed by local non-profit agencies and are specifically designed to make an impact and meaningful difference to the project organization and the community. Students will work with their groups on their own time along with an organization liaison and an adult project mentor. Students will present their final projects at the Project Presentation and Graduation Day to community leaders, family, and friends.

Leading Edge Class of 2019.png

Leading Edge Class of 2019

Leadership Pikes Peak is excited to announce the graduation of the Leading Edge Class of 2019. These 19 students (from 13 different local high schools) are the newest members of an ever-growing family of LPP alumni now numbering over 2,500 leaders.

Here is what the Class of 2019 had to say about their experience:

"I feel so much more equipped to be a community advocate. I could now carry on a conversation with leaders in my community and be able to understand and relate". - Noel K.

"Opportunities, learning, and inspiration all into one. More than anything, a chance to see new perspectives and changes. - Isabella P.

"This summer with Leadership Pikes Peak was amazing. There were so many things I learned about the community such as how we are making large attempts to improve the city. Leading Edge also gave me the opportunity to connect with community leaders and learn about what they do." - Donasiyano N.


This program is open to current sophomores and juniors. Applications are due by March 15, 2019 for the Summer 2019 program. In addition to the student application, each applicant must be nominated by a school administrator, counselor, teacher, coach, mentor and/or civic leader. Nominations and applications are to be completed through our online form (see buttons at top of page).  Only complete applications that have corresponding nominations will be reviewed. Due to the demand of this program we will be conducting interviews in early Spring to select our best-fit candidates.

Scholarships are available and past leadership experience is not a requirement. Please apply regardless of your leadership experience or financial situation.  

Incomplete applications can not be saved and returned to later, so please be prepared to complete the application once you begin. Below are some of the questions you will be ask that you should be prepared to answer before starting the application. 

  • Parent/Guardian contact information

  • Annual household income (grant reporting purposes\scholarship)

  • What most defines you as a person? How would you describe yourself?

  • If you could change one thing about Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region, what would it be and why?

  • What do you hope to gain by participating in the Leading Edge program?

  • Give an example of someone you consider a good leader? What makes this person a good leader?

  • Do you foresee any potential scheduling conflicts in regards to your personal calendar and the Leading Edge program dates?

Program tuition is $500. This includes the cost of materials, meals, and transportation. Scholarship assistance is available.  



"I developed confidence and creativity skills. I grew as a person and learned how to impact my community. I made connections and had an amazing experience!" - 2019 LE Graduate

"This organization has given me more connections to my community and has taught me how to be a better leader. I’ve enjoyed working with my peers to better myself as a leader and as a person."  - 2019 LE Graduate

“After completing the program I was able to communicate better and be more comfortable doing things out of my comfort zone.” - 2019 LE Graduate

“It gave me a new confidence in myself and my leadership skills.” - 2019 LE Graduate

"I have developed networking skills as well as positive relationship building tools to help me in college and beyond." - 2015 LE Graduate

"I've learned through Leading Edge that I REALLY do matter. I'm not just a teenager with no control. I have power in my community and because of Leading Edge, I have the tools to succeed!" - 2014 LE Graduate

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