Direct Nonprofit Support. Technical Assistance, Consulting, and Strategic Support

What do you wish you could accomplish if you only had the right people?

One of the most valuable components of LPP’s leadership programs is its group projects. Groups of 5-12 people work with a local nonprofit or government agency to help that organization achieve a goal. For the groups, it means hands-on experience tackling a real community challenge. For the organization, it means support for the kind of long-term project that is difficult to complete with volunteers or busy staff.

Projects are as unique as the organizations’ needs, so it’s hard to box them in with a name–technical assistance, management assistance, strategic support, consulting; none quite do the concept justice. The idea is to give you an infusion of smart, fresh minds to help you accomplish something you couldn’t do on your own. It might be creating a strategic development plan. It might be overhauling your marketing strategy. Developing a new program or planning and executing a   PR campaign. 

How it Works?

You complete our project request form.  In the form you will tell us about your organization and the project you’d like completed.

Our program teams review your proposal. The timeline varies because our programs run on slightly different schedules.

If your project is selected, you will meet with the 5-12 person team to discuss the details. Your organization will remain involved throughout the process. You give feedback, both during and after the project, so the team can learn from the experience.

The team works on your project for the time period allotted–again, it varies, but we’re usually looking for projects that would take the team 3-5 months to complete. The project duration will very based on the program. 

Once the project is completed, LPP requests that you attend a final presentation by the team. During this presentation, the team will present the project to their class and describe what they did and what they learned.


We’re looking for team projects that will make a meaningful contribution to community organizations. The team that picks your project will be responsible for the project life cycle–from clarifying goals, to implementing the project, to evaluating results.

Q. How do I know if my organization qualifies?

A. Projects must benefit an established 501(c)(3) nonprofit, or equivalent public sector organizations (like a school, or a city or county department).

Q. How big should the project be?

A. Pretty big. We’re not looking for something short-term and tactical (the kind of thing you might normally use with volunteers), but rather something that will require the team to think strategically about the plan as well as the implementation. Generally, think of projects that can be accomplished in 3-5 months.

Q. Is my project too hard? Too easy?

A. It should be challenging for a group of people, but something they can accomplish in the allotted time. But remember, our program participants range from teenagers to senior executives, so don’t be shy about submitting a project you’re worried might be too hard or too easy. Take a look at our “past projects” tab for inspiration and guidance.

Q. Is my project appropriate for this?

We’re not looking for projects that can be completed all in one day or that are merely tactical/short term (like working an event you already have planned) or fundraisers. Although class teams can help solicit funds or in-kind donations to accomplish their project, that should not be the focus.