Active Alumni leading change and making a difference in the Pikes Peak Region.




 Community projects addressed each year by our program participants.




Of building a thriving community through leadership and service.



Community trustees with the confidence, skills and abilities to strengthen the city.

130+ annually
Community Trustees

$ 45,000



In Scholarships invested annually in creating community trustees.


Leadership Pikes Peak takes seriously the quest for measurable outcomes and the need for evaluation. So as an organization we continue to ask the tough question – how do we make a difference in this community? What impact do we make? The short and easy answer is we make a difference through our people.

Leadership Pikes Peak Develops Community Trustees


Being a community trustee, such as a board member, means serving it as a good steward. The good steward views the community as a gift from previous generations, but a gift with strings attached. One is obligated to pass the gift to future generations in a better state than that in which it was received. The community is both our inheritance and our legacy.

Today’s mobile, pluralistic society lacks small-town cohesiveness. There are more opportunities, more leadership positions and more voices to be heard. As a result, trustholding in our community requires active, caring commitment by individuals from all walks of life that make conscious, personal decisions:

  • To know themselves
  • To care about the quality of life in the community
  • To be stewards of the community and its resources
  • To serve the common good
  • To listen to the diverse voices of the community advocating their often contradictory positions
  • To appreciate pluralism
  • To empower others to grow
  • To nurture a wide span of awareness and the ability to “see things whole”
  • To define and to articulate the community’s concerns
  • To dream and to form effective responses to these issues and needs
  • To use their skills and leadership ability to make a better future for the entire community
  • To lead with passion and authority